EVOSHION Smart Magnetics 18mm round – High quality magnetic closing system with patented automatic centering system, 2.6 kg (5.8lb), even better resistance for small, mid-sized and heavy Fashion & Leather..

Certified Nickel Free.



Automatic Centering Technology

Smart Magnetics are a new generation of patented magnetic closing systems for the Fashion & leather industry.

Unlike all existing and available magnetic closing systems, all using the same process which makes it impossible to direct and center the closing, EVOSHION has come up with a new internal mechanism actually addressing this major issue: the ACT technology (Automatic Centering Technology).

Thanks to ACT technology, we guarantee you an unmatched magnetic closing experience.

As both parts get closer, ACT is acting instead of the user by automatically centering them whilst generating the insertion and the closing of the system.

Besides, it does allow to reduce outer magnetic fields, whilst securing an optimal closing quality.

ACT is doing the job for you, you do not have to worry about the centering of the systems anymore in order to ensure the closing.

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Nickel, Black Nickel, Gold, Rose Gold, Antique Brass


Fer, laiton, aimant


Hand bags, clothes, travel bags, belts, accessories…