E-GDEVOSHION is a best in class international company based on a unique expertise and strong innovation capabilities, designed to offer its customers optimal solutions taking into account their financial imperatives.

We wish to keep strengthening our international positioning as a high value added provider of magnetic closing systems in the for the Fashion & Leather industry.

EVIOSHION has several international partners, in France and Asia, all specialized in the production, assembly and surface treatment of magnetic systems. These strategic partnerships allow us to enjoy a best in class technology combined with an efficient worldwide distribution network for all our products.

Our magnetic closing systems, “Smart Magnetics”, are exclusivity and we remain the only international distributors of these products.

Smart Magnetics production process complies with EU rules, is certified “Nickel Free” and benefits from a French quality control by our partners.

Should you have any specific enquiries or needs, regarding products, logos…for your company, EVOSHION will accompany you from the start to the completion of your project.

EVOSHION is based on continuous innovations, strict quality control and a wider protection of its products and intellectual property to guarantee you Exclusivity, Innovation and Quality.