My intention is to keep strengthening our international presence as a high value added provider of magnetic closing systems for the fashion & Leather industry.

We are driven by Innovation, Exclusivity and Quality.

This commitment, shared by my whole team and our partners, is behind EVOSHION capacity to stay in touch with all the latest trends of an ever-evolving industry.

Your satisfaction is our main goal. This is why we pay so much attention to the quality of our products so that they can meet your, and your customers needs.

We are committed to bringing you our expertise and our experience in order to help you complete your projects, from assessing their feasibility top delivering them. We shall also offer you an efficient and secure logistical support to provide you with best tailored solution.

This culture driven by customer satisfaction allows us to enjoy long-lasting relationships with our partners.




There comes a time when one has no point anymore in looking for new ways by following the footsteps of the old, and when the scientific mind can only improve by creating new ways from scratch